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    We've been planning the day for months and months, Stef had clearly her idea on what she wanted and surely the result was WOWWWW!! Everything was perfect, this couple really deserved the most amazing wedding because they are so; the weather was even better than…
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    Krista&Perry, a dream wedding I will never forget!

    Hello my friends, I've always loved my job as it gives me the opportunity to meet new people, but at this time I have really been lucky: Krista and Perry are so lovely that I really felt honored to be part of their Big Day.…
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    Peach Pink Wedding… so fresh, so pretty!!

    Hello Everybody! Time has flown by and finally i am back here sharing with you today this pretty and romantic wedding all based on peach pink and coral pink flowers; they really looked good in the courtyard!! The Bride was absolutely stunning in her beautiful…
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    Rustic & Vintage… simply perfect!

    It’s true, I love everything that is romantic: I love flowers, I find pale roses like the best ever, I love simplicity, I love my courtyard full of candels.. But i also got a a very deep passion for all it is old, antique, vintage.. I…
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    The wheat field…what an atmosphere!

    Hello my Lovely Couples, Today i would love to share with you one of my favorite wedding made in Tenuta di Papena. Carlotta and Marco came down from Milan and they wanted their dream to come true: a long table in the middle of a…
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    A Sophisticated Autumn Wedding

    Pawel and  Christina, a beautiful Russian couple, choosed Tenuta di Papena as the perfect place to tie the knot. They've always dreamt a simple but sophisticated ceremony in a magic place - nothing was better than the Abbey of San Galgano! - followed by a…
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    September wedding

    A Beautiful and Intimate Wedding Carolyn and George wanted a very special place in the Tuscan countryside… what is better than the roofless Abbey of San Galgano and a medieval hamlet court like Tenuta di Papena to say "Yes, I do"?!?! Well, for our couple there was no…
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    Wedding reviews

    Wedding reviews from our customers (more…)
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