Rustic & Vintage… simply perfect!

It’s true, I love everything that is romantic: I love flowers, I find pale roses like the best ever, I love simplicity, I love my courtyard full of candels.. But i also got a a very deep passion for all it is old, antique, vintage.. I spend so much time wondering around antique shops all over the world trying to find the right piece for my house, I find it so charming…. A few weeks ago i have organized a cocktail and  i tried a new set up for the hamlet, according rustic and vintage. The result!? I absolutely loved it!! Old Persian carpets, hay-bales and big white linen coushions, a mix of coloured old chairs together with some iron wrought ones, antique tables… It really worked out well and I cannot wait to do the same for next wedding, adding a touch of romance to such an atmosphere, probably just with some old lanterns and a thousand of candels… It’s gonna be beautiful!!piazzetta1

piazzetta2piazzetta3vintage wedding

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